Stuart Hostel Part II 2007
Name: Stuart Douglas Peterson
Gender: Male

Born October 4, 1972

Death date: August 31, 2013

Race: Caucasian
Relationships: Todd (friend)

Unnamed wife and children

Enemies: Beth Salinger
Weapon of Choice: Machete
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Blood loss
Purchaser: Beth Salinger
Portrayed By: Roger Bart
First Appearance: Hostel Part II

Stuart is introduced in Hostel: Part II. He gets involved in Elite Hunting when his best friend Todd purchases an American woman named Beth, intending for him to kill, which Stuart feels very uneasy about.

Hostel: Part IIEdit

Stuart, a father of two children, is in the middle of a divorce. One day he gets a call from his best friend Todd who tells him that he has purchased two American women, one for himself, and the other is intended for Stuart. Stuart reluctantly agrees, however he is unsure. They go to Slovakia where they are driven to a hotel and are given pagers to alert them once their victims are apprehended. Stuart and Todd visit the harvest festival and Stuart introduces himself to Beth. The two make idle conversation and Stuart begins having second thoughts. The day finally arrives and the two are driven to the facility were they are geared up and escorted to their rooms. Although Todd is pumped up, Stuart isn't sure about this. He then enters the room and assures Beth that he isn't going to follow through with it. He releases her from her chair but suddenly feels a sense of weakness and chains her back up. When he is approached by an Elite Hunting representative who offers him Beth's friend Whitney since Todd backed out, he agrees and kills her. He returns and is seduced by Beth. He releases her from her chair and she is able to get him into the chair. Several guards barge in and Beth offers to buy her way out. They tell her that money isn't the only issue, as she must also kill someone if she wants to leave. Stuart insults her by calling her a "stupid fucking cunt" and she cuts off his genitals, leaving him to bleed to death.

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